8th Apr 2018 - Improvements to the Village Hall

For some time villagers have expressed an interest in making more of the village hall. To that end the Parish Council have commissioned Architect Guylee Simmonds to develop some ideas of how that could be achieved. Click here for Guylee's report.

On the residents' wish list from a couple of years ago was improvements to the Village Hall i.e. opening up the main hall and rationalising the kitchen, toilets etc.

The plans of these will be displayed here on the website and also in the Village Hall for all to see.

Please take the time to look at these and if you have any comments, suggestions, preferences, please email our Clerk, Julian at

The Hall is Piddinghoe's main asset and it will be great to make the best of it which we can afford. Villagers will be kept informed throughout the project and there will be an open meeting before any final decisions are made.

There's a long way to go yet, not least seeking grants. Check out the plans and let us know what you think.