13th Sep 2021 - September 2021 - Circular From the Council chair

Circular 9 from the Parish Council Chair, includes updates on two items from the recent Council Meeting. These relate to the Byway renovation and the C7 Issues



Good morning Piddinghoe Circular 9 - SEPTEMBER


Just to give you an early update, here is a summary of a couple of agenda items of the recent PPC meeting.




At the Piddinghoe Parish meeting held on the 7th September the Parish Council considered a proposal to resurface part (210 metres) of a bridleway on private farmland north of the village. The Parish Council was initially asked to donate £4800 to the Project but the request changed and by the time of the meeting the Parish Council was asked to also host the project. ie, take the project over completely, and take the responsibilities from the landowner which include any future maintenance, legal liabilities for any future incidents etc.


Hosting itself is not straightforward. There were be multiple contributors and various expenses ie; legal costs, insurance costs and the Clerks wages. The Parish Council would also be have to cover any shortfall in funds.

Many of you sent emails to the Council and the majority were not in favour of the proposal. Brief extracts from the emails, both for and against, were read out at the meeting.

The subject was given a lot of time at the meeting, and included an opportunity for the public to ask questions. Having considered all the submissions the Council voted against the application, for various reasons and because there was a potential to lead the Council into future unknown liabilities and costs.




The C7 Study application was also discussed. It was noted that the survey only reinforced what we already knew. 1> The C7 through Piddinghoe is dangerous due to traffic speed and visibility, 2> we are all concerned about it, and 3> we all want something done. The Council felt that contributing to potentially a £43000 + vat survey of the whole C7, with Piddinghoe being a small part, was not a good idea.

We understand that ESCC can do a feasibility study, which would cost much less, so the Parish Council is going to look at this option first. With the results it is hoped we can then consider if and how best, we can work with them for funding the measures for just our stretch of the road.


The official draft minutes will be published in due course. The purpose of this Circular is to let you know informally a little more detail on these two subjects because understandably they have attracted a great deal of interest.


Nick Woolger

Chair Piddinghoe Parish Council