FREE weekly talking newspaper and magazine.

The Phoenix Talking Post team offer a free weekly talking newspaper and magazine for residents of Lewes and District for those who are not able to read unaided.

What we do

Our team of volunteers meet every week at the Phoenix Centre in Lewes to record half an hour of news items, (from the Sussex Express editions), and half an hour of magazine items, (excerpts from stories, poems and other articles).


Who is it for?

Anyone in East Sussex who is not able to read unaided, for whatever reason, is welcome to receive this service. It can be a lifeline for people with sight problems, or other health problems which make it difficult for them to read: to enable them to keep in touch with local issues.


Free of charge!

The recordings are sent our every week on a USB memory stick in a postage-free pouch. By reversing the label on the pouch, the memory stick can be returned to us free of charge when it has been listened to. The audio recordings on the memory stick will play on a PC or laptop, and we are able to provide a media player, also free of charge, to anyone who has not got access to a computer.


How to enrol

Contact us on:

01273 474967 or 07816 203784 or e-mail


New listeners will be contacted by telephone to welcome them to the service, and to find out whether they would like a visit from two of our volunteers, who, if necessary, will deliver the free media player and demonstrate how to play the recordings.